“I believe all women are pretty without makeup —but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful.”

-Bobbi Brown.

Our Artists

T E A M. We believe in the power of a team. All our artists work closely together in order to deliver the most flawless experience possible. Combined we have over 10 years of experience making others feel beautiful and our learning never stops. With continued studies individually and as a group we will execute our promise to keep up with all the latest trends and have you feeling confident in our work.

Alyshia Verve

Alyshia Labonte

“Love for makeup” sounds cliché, however it is truly a way of life. My beauty journey started in high school. I joined cosmetology class where one teacher changed my life. She was so passionate about everything to do with the beauty industry and never did she let us forget the evolving world we were entering. When I went to beauty school after graduating, this teacher sadly passed away which made me even more determined to carry on the work she had always pushed us to achieve. After that I received licenses for everything from hair, makeup, aesthetics and even medical aesthetics. I have worked with many inspirational people who made me so determined to forever create confidence with my clients, friends and coworkers. I am so excited to embark on this new journey with the most amazing team and together we will create moments to last a lifetime for anyone who may come through our path. Beauty starts with confidence and Verve Artistry is here to help this vision become a reality.

Alyshia Verve

Alexandra Kinlock

Makeup has always been an escape for me. The joy it brings me is so indescribable. I was not always into makeup. I wanted to be either a lawyer or a dancer which in my opinion are in quite different spectrums but, because I became a mother after graduating from law, I had to look for something that would not take away from my life as a wife and mother. It was then that I learned the love of makeup and how fascinating it was that the different looks I could do especially around Halloween when I could really change into someone different with special FX. With every look I do, a great feeling of joy overcomes me and I can’t wait to create new looks with my amazing team.

                    Elly Mendoza

I fell in love with makeup while watching my mom put on her red lipstick. The beauty industry is something I am so passionate about. Everything from product, techniques, creative looks and anything in between and all combined. I love to take the time to study and learn this industry as it is an industry that is timeless but also continuously evolving all at the same time. I love the magic of makeup, in how a classic red lip can give you the confidence you need to walk to red carpet, wear on a date or handle business in the boardroom. I want to continue sharing my passion and love for makeup with all of you.

Mariela Lopez

I have been in love with all things related to beauty for as long as I can remember, especially with makeup. I remember watching makeup tutorials on YouTube when they first started being a thing and thinking “I can do that!” I never had the courage to do so but now is the time to start making my dreams come true and doing something I love, and I always wanted to be a part of and that is the makeup artist world. Where I can work on people and be a part of a special day, occasion or just a fun girl’s night out! In the last year I have started to venture out into lash extensions and soon venturing into the brow world. I am so honored to join the Verve Artistry team. I feel lucky and fortunate to go on this journey with all these beautiful and talented women.

Phoebe Heard verve

Phoebe Heard         

I love working with different people and creating meaningful relationships with my clients. Makeup has been an outlet for my creative passion and allows me to connect with people to help present their best selves. I love the transformation that makeup can create and am most fulfilled when I am able to create looks that make people feel genuine and confident.